Emma Parker


Emma Parker is interested in the mystical and magical, the awkward and the strange. Influenced by dreams, Jungian theory, fairy tales, and the occult her art is a collection of personal mythology. 

Working in various medium - including mixed media, 3D, digital, sound and video - she works in a playful and intuitive way, organically letting a narrative appear. 



Espacio Gallery, Installation "Where does it begin and where does it end" part of City Lit Fine Art group exhibition, London, July 2016

"The Nine Billion Names Of God", group show curated by OX Art, London, December 2014

Contemporary Artists Books Exhibition, group show, Riverside Gallery, Richmond, November 2014

"On The Shelf", group show, WAC Gallery, London, November 2013.

"A Tin Full Of Hope", part of Davis Museum permanent collection, Barcelona, 2013.

"My Heart Sings Like A Caged Bird ", Pharmacy of Stories, London, 2011


I am always open to collaboration projects so please do contact me If you are interested.

Also, if you want to be involved in The Dream Machine project see below:

The Dream Machine:

I am collecting audio recordings of people describing their dreams, some of these recordings will initially be part of the White Noise exhibition, October 12th-16th 2017 at The Crypt Gallery, London. The dreams will also be used as an ongoing piece of work I am making. You will be credited unless you wish to remain anonymous. The quality of the recording doesn't matter.  

You can submit as many dreams as you wish. You may notice once you start recording your dreams, you remember them more. 

Please email the voice recording(s) to:



Inspirational 11, July 2016

No More Magazine, Feb 2015

Somerset Memories, Spring 2014

Fine Art Prints

Please contact for queries: